City of LA Clean Fuel Policy

In May of 2000, the City Council adopted a Clean Fuel Policy (CF 00-0157). This policy helps to implement alternative fuel applications by supporting programs and regulations that balance environmental benefits against operational concerns such as safety, efficiency, and cost effectiveness.  Specifically, the City Council decided to: use and purchase vehicles which utilize clean fuels and/or electric propulsion based upon technology that has been determined to be reliable, durable, and cost-effective; support development of vehicle technologies that promote energy efficiency and clean operation; consider retrofit technologies for existing vehicles; promote development of alternative fuel infrastructure; support implementation of federal and state vehicle emission standards; and address health and safety issues and cumulative impacts of existing and alternative fuel technologies on all neighborhoods, particularly low income communities of color. Council member Mark Ridley-Thomas authored the Clean Fuels Policy and received a Clean Air Award from the South Coast Air Quality Management District (Leadership in Government Category) in 2001 for this legislative initiative. 

For further reading see:

Clean Fuel Policy (pdf)

Environmental Quality and Waste Management Committee Report (pdf)


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