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The Bureau of Sanitation has developed the City of Los Angeles Green Business Certification Program, which is comprised of three programs: the Los Angeles Green Business Program, the Los Angeles Green Lodging Program, and the Los Angeles Green Arts Program. The City of Los Angeles Green Business Certification Program recognize and promote businesses that volunteer to operate in a more environmentally responsible or sustainable manner. To become a Certified Green Business, participants must meet program standards for conserving resources, preventing pollution and minimizing waste and be in compliance with all environmental laws and regulations.

The City of Los Angeles Green Business Certification Program give consumers the opportunity to know which businesses are “green” when purchasing goods and services, and gives businesses an incentive to consider implementing environmentally-friendly policies such as resource conservation and recycling, pollution prevention, and environmentally preferable purchasing, thereby reducing their impact to the environment. A Certified Green Business receives a certificate to post on their establishment, an electronic version of the logo to use in their promotional materials, a green resource guide, and is listed on the City’s EnvironmentLA Green Business Certification Programs website as well as other stakeholders' website. Other benefits may be added as the programs grow.

The City of Los Angeles Green Business Certification Programs is divided into three parts, involving three different segments of the business community: the Green Lodging Program, operating in partnership with Green Seal, Inc. and the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board; the Green Business Program, in partnership with the Los Angeles Community College District; and the Green Arts Program, in partnership with the Arts: Earth Partnership (AEP) and the City’s Department of Cultural Affairs.

Certified Green Businesses practicing resource efficiency are assuming stewardship for the Earth and its resources, with the goals of achieving a successful business operation, a healthy bottom line, and sustenance of the environment and its inhabitants. A Green Business not only conserves resources, but educates employees and customers about resource conservation.

Green Lodging Program

Green Seal LogoThe Green Lodging Program concentrates on the hospitality industry, with the non-profit organization Green Seal conducting the certifications in partnership with the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board, and with the Bureau of Sanitation providing program oversight. Green Seal evaluates hotels according to its green lodging standard LA Tourism and Convention Board(GS-33 Lodging Properties Provisional Revision) which allows for three tiers or levels of certification.

Green Arts Program

Arts Earth Partnership LogoThe Green Arts Program operates in collaboration with Arts: Earth Partnership (AEP), and the City’s Department of Cultural Affairs. The Green Arts Program certifies theaters, galleries, studios, performing arts companies, museums, and other venues hosting arts-related activities using AEP’s Cultural Facility/Theater/Museum/Art Gallery/Studio Certification Checklist.
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Green Business Program

LACCD Logo The Green Business Program focuses on three business sectors – restaurants, auto repair shops, and office and retail enterprises are able to apply to have their businesses recognized as certified green businesses. Additional commercial and industrial sectors will be added as program capacity and demand grows.

The Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) and the Bureau of Sanitation have developed certificate criteria for the LA Green Business Program based on the State of California Green Business Program.


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