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The following is a selection of links to web sites with information related to alternative fuels and vehicles which are outside of the City's website. The views of outside organizations are not necessarily the views of the City of Los Angeles or EnvironmentLA. These links are being provided as a service for visitors to the City's website. Please find a list of alternative fuel acronyms at the end of this page.

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Government Information:

Alternative Fuels Training:

Partnerships, Coalitions, Associations:

Fuel Providers and Utilties:

Maps and Guides:

AFV Manufacturers & Vehicles:

AFV Buses & CARB Regulation:

Glossary Of Alternative Fuel Terms

  • AFV--Alternative Fuel Vehicle
  • CNG--Compressed Natural Gas
  • EV--Electric Vehicle
  • HEV--Hybrid Electric Vehicle
  • ILEV - Inherently Low Emission Vehicle
  • LEV--Low emission Vehicle
  • LNG--Liquefied Natural Gas
  • LPG--Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Propane)
  • NLEV-- National Low Emission Vehicle
  • PHEV Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
  • SULEV--Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle
  • TLEV--Transitional Low Emission Vehicle
  • ULEV--Ultra Low Emission Vehicle
  • ZEV--Zero Emission Vehicle
  • FFV--Flexible Fuel Vehicle




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