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Learn the ABC's of business permit compliance:

» Follow Step A, if your business stores or generates hazardous substances; 

» Then, follow Step B for more hazardous waste management and permitting information, as needed; 

» And/or go directly to Step C for general business permitting/resource information for your particular industry and geographic area.

STEP A: Ask yourself these 13 basic questions, then, find the answers by linking to the appropriate agency information.

Basic Questions

Link to Agency Info.

  • Is my business registered with business tax and hazardous waste fee agencies?
  • Does my business have a hazardous waste generator EPA I.D. no. and manifest forms to ship the waste?
  • Does my business have basic operations permits or programs?
  • Am I managing my industrial wastewater correctly?
  • Am I managing my stormwater correctly?
  • Have I submitted my "Unified Facility Program Permit Application" to the City of LA Fire Dept.?
  • Am I managing my hazardous materials and waste correctly?
  • Do I need to construct a haz-mat storage room or hazardous waste storage building or area?
  • Does my business generate a small amount of hazardous waste or recycle the waste to qualify for beneficial exemptions?
  • Does my business generate larger quantities of hazardous waste or certain types that require special planning and reporting?
  • Is my equipment or process properly permitted?
  • Have I properly reported any spills or leaks?
  • Does an equipment leak or material spill pose a threat to public health or the environment (e.g., water, soil, or air contamination) and require cleanup?

STEP B: For further information on hazardous waste management regulation:

    Permit Table - A detailed listing of hazardous waste management requirements, as found page 64, Chapter 4 of the Hazardous Waste Management Guide.

    Hazardous Waste Management Guide - A more detailed listing and explanation of hazardous waste management requirements.

STEP C: For further information on general business resources and environmental/business permitting: 

    CalGOLD - A Business Assistance Center to help identify general permits and business resources specific to your industry and specific to your geographic location, anywhere in California. 

    Business Guide to Environmental Services Now available an updated general and environmental permit/service guide for City of Los Angeles businesses.


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