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Below, you will find direct web links to major permit agencies and permit assistance centers in the following jurisdictions:

City of Los Angeles
Districts, County, State and Federal

City of Los Angeles:

Department of Building and Safety
Building and safety (888-LA4-BUILD or 213-482-0000) permit and related information for businesses.  Includes permit and plan check summaries as well as a description of support services and links to applicable codes. 

Bureau of Engineering
Services to the Public and Market Place

Select information on "How to Get a Permit."  Also includes information on products and services offered to the public, corresponding charges, several map based interactive applications, geographic information systems, public records, phone numbers, flood zones, clogged storm drain reporting, and sewer service charges.

Bureau of Sanitation/ Industrial Waste Management Division
Industrial wastewater permit application for general industrial user or for food service establishments (FSEs).  For additional information or to have an application mailed to you, please call (323) 342-6200. 

Bureau of Sanitation/ Watershed Protection Division
Select information on "Federal Requirements."  A federally mandated County-wide NPDES permit applies to stormwater discharges and watershed protection in the City of Los Angeles.  The City of LA Watershed Protection Division (800-974-9794) monitors compliance with the County-wide permit locally.  Select the "Permit Lite" page for a permit summary.

Environmental Affairs Department/ Local Enforcement Agency (LEA)
Notification requirements for owners and operators of solid waste facilities. The LEA (213-978-0892) protects public health and safety by overseeing the operation of municipal landfills and solid waste transfer stations in the City of LA, and issues and renews permits for the operation of these facilities.

Fire Department 
Fire permits related to hazardous and toxic materials are often referred to as Division 4, 5 and 8 Fire Permits/Certificates.  Division 4 Fire Permits are approved and issued to certain business types via the City's Office of Finance (213-483-5901).  Division 5 Fire Permits are approved by the Fire Department for certain types of equipment or processes, including underground tanks.  The Division 8 "Certificate of Hazardous Substances"  is also approved by the Fire Dept., as part of the  "Certified Unified Program Agency" or "CUPA".  Refer to the agency contact chart for further information on the programs covered under the CUPA.

Districts, County, State, Federal:

Select "Search CalGold for Business Permits" and identify general permits specific to an industry (e.g., restaurant, metal finisher, etc.), and specific to a geographic location (i.e., enter California County and then City).  If the business uses or generates hazardous substances and is located in the City of Los Angeles, cross check CalGOLD agency referrals to the more recent edition of the HTM Office's Agency Contact Chart.

Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board (LARWQCB)
The LARWQCB (213-576-6667) issues Waste Discharge Orders and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits.  Waste Discharge Orders and/or NPDES permits are needed when waste is discharged to land (e.g., landfills, pits, french drains) and/or waterways (e.g., streams, trenches, flood control channels, storm drains, etc.), as applicable.   The LARWQCB also regulates leaking underground tank cleanup projects and industrial spill cleanup projects that pose a potential risk to water quality.  The LARWQCB monitors the administration of the County-wide General Stormwater Permit. 

Los Angeles County Fire Department
Health Hazardous Materials Division (HHMD)

As a Partnering Agency with the City Fire Department, HHMD (323-890-4000) of the L.A. County Fire Department works to enforce State and Federal hazardous waste management regulations in the City of Los Angeles.  Outside the City of L.A., in unincorporated sections and in other local cities, the L.A. County Fire Department HHMD may work with another local fire department or may serve as the sole local enforcement agency for hazardous waste regulations. 

South Coast Air Quality Management District
Air Permits

Air pollution permitting information, including explanations, forms, and assistance.   Forms for equipment permits, business name changes, operations permits and mailing address changes are provided. (800-CUT SMOG)

State Water Resources Control Board
Stormwater Permitting

Certain industries and construction projects must submit a "Notice of Intent" (NOI) to the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) in Sacramento.    Also, a facility that provides an NOI is also required to keep a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) onsite, perform associated monitoring, and submit an annual monitoring report to the SWRCB (916-341-5536). 

California Environmental Protection Agency
Information on environmental permits from the Air Resources Board, Department of Pesticide Regulation, Department of Toxic Substances Control, Integrated Waste Management Board, Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (includes Proposition 65), and State Water Resources Control Board.

U.S.  Environmental Protection Agency
Toxics Release Inventory (TRI)

Information on the TRI program, including forms and reporting requirements that apply to certain industries.  Reporting software and requirements, guidance documents, reporting forms and instructions are included.

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