City of Los Angeles Wastewater
Industrial wastewater dischargers should follow local and Federal regulations.  Local regulations can be found in the City of LA Industrial Waste Control Ordinance revised 7/19/2006 (Sections 64.00-.05, 64.26, 64.30, 64.34, 64.30.1 of the Los Angeles Municipal Code or "LAMC" under Chapter VI, Articles 4.   For more information or a bound copy of applicable regulatory excerpts, please call (323) 342-6200. 

Federal Wastewater
For summary information regarding federal wastewater regulations contact EPA's Office of Wastewater Management (industrial pretreatment regulations, general discharge regulations, NPDES programs, etc.).  View federal wastewater regulations for specified industrial categories by searching the CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) under 40 CFR 403.6 and 40 CFR 405-471.  Wastewater regulations are required by the CWA (Clean Water Act). 


City of Los Angeles Watershed Protection Program
Watershed Protection/Stormwater Pollution Abatement Program, Federal regulatory requirements, and best management pollution prevention practices are summarized on this web site.  The City's Stormwater and Urban Runoff Pollution Control Ordinance incorporates regulatory requirements.  The Ordinance is in sections 64.70 through 64.70.13 of the LAMC table of contents under Chapter VI, Article 4.4. 

State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB)
Water Laws and Regulations

SWRCB water laws, regulations, requirements, and acts related to stormwater control can be found on this website.

Basic Elements of Industrial Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans
Regulatory requirements for storm water pollution prevention plans can be found in Section A of the industrial permit requirements.


Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC)
Hazardous Waste Management Program

DTSC administers a hazardous waste management program.  Part of the program oversees numerous Certified Unified Program Agencies (CUPA) that locally permit and enforce six State hazardous waste regulatory programs.  Call the local CUPA (City of L.A. Fire Department, Data Management Unit 213-978-3683) for further information.

Department of Toxic Substances Control
Laws, Regulations and Policies

State hazardous waste control laws can be found in the California Health and Safety Code (HSC), as well as selected parts of other codes.  Articles of select HSC Chapters are provided by DTSC.

Department of Toxic Substances Control
California Code of Regulations, Title 22

State hazardous waste regulations enforced by DTSC and local CUPA's can primarily be found in Title 22, Divisions 4 and 4.5  of the California Code of Regulations.

Department of Toxic Substances Control
Senate Bill 14 - Hazardous Waste Source Reduction Planning and Management Review Act

Senate Bill 1916 - Hazardous Waste Source Reduction: Toxic Chemical Releases

Senate Bill 14 and SB 1916 was passed in 1989 and includes specific requirements for hazardous waste minimization.  SB14 is enforced by DTSC's Office of Pollution Prevention and Technology Development.  SB1916 was passed in 1998 and builds upon activities already conducted by DTSC to promote hazardous waste source reduction.  

U.S. EPA Hazardous Waste RCRA Program
EPA Region 9's Hazardous Waste Compliance Assistance page provides resources to help the regulated community understand and comply with federal hazardous waste regulatory requirements.

U.S. EPA Regulations and Proposed Rules
Federal regulations and legislation pertaining to environmental protection. Categories include the Federal Register, the Unified Agenda, the Code of Federal Regulations, the United States Code, and the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969.



City of Los Angeles Fire Department
Fire Code
Prescribes laws for hazardous material storage and handling, and safeguarding of life and property from fire, explosion, panic, or other hazardous conditions which may arise in the use of buildings, structures, or other premises.

U.S. Department of Transportation
The Office of Hazardous Materials Safety

Parts 100-185 of 49 CFR cover most hazardous materials transportation regulations.  Hazardous materials marking, labeling and placarding regulations are included.

California Office of Emergency and Health Hazard Assessment
Proposition 65 - Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act

Proposition 65 was passed in 1986 and requires the Governor to publish a list of chemicals that are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.  This list must be updated once a year. Proposition 65 also requires consumer warnings and other protective measures.


California Air Resources Board
Laws & Regulations

State air quality regulations that affect both mobile and stationary pollutant emission sources.  CARB develops these regulations in order to meet State and Federal air quality standards.  The CARB provides local enforcement regulations and programs that apply to mobile emissions, such as motor vehicles. 

Rules - Stationary Sources
Rules for stationary air pollutant sources, such as industrial plants, equipment, etc.  The rules are developed and enforced locally by the South Coast Air Quality Management District, under the supervision of the California Air Resources Board, as described above. 

Clean Air Act Amendments
1990 Amendments to the federal Clean Air Act. 


California Integrated Waste Management Board
Legislation and Regulations

Information related to proposed and current California and Federal legislation and regulations and rulemaking file are contained in this website.  The City incorporated selected State and Federal requirements into a local Solid Waste Enforcement Program Ordinance that can be viewed by searching the LAMC table of contents, under Chapter VI, Article 6 and selecting Sections 66.13.01 through 66.16.3.


California Environmental Quality Act
CEQA statutes and guidelines, CEQA key word search, case law search, references, and supplemental materials.  Also, consult  CEQA Guidance information for projects specific to the City of Los Angeles.

California Code of Regulations
The California Code of Regulations is available from the Office of Administrative Law's Internet site.

Also refer to the Hazardous Waste Management Guide  for more detailed information on environmental law and regulation.

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