Riverdale Avenue Green Infrastructure Project


Riverdale Avenue map and design


Q: Why Riverdale Avenue?

A: The street drains directly into the Los Angeles River. With the existing mild street slope, Riverdale has excellent infiltration characteristics.


Q: Why is it needed?

A: The project will demonstrate the use of storm water planters to treat and infiltrate stormwater runoff, thereby providing water quality and flood control benefits. A primary goal is to create a model for a new standard of residential street design, ultimately reducing the amount of stormwater and urban runoff from streets.


Q: How is the project funded?

A: The State Coastal Conservancy is providing a $500,00 grant.


Q: What is the construction schedule?

A: Construction is scheduled for fall 2009.


Q: What if I do not want to participate?

A: This is a voluntary project. While we hope that everyone will opt to join the effort, it is not mandatory to participate in maintaining the planters.


Q: How will this project affect our new sidewalks?

A: The new sidewalks will either remain in their current condition, or removed and replaced within the project.


Q: Will I get a chance to make any choices about how it looks?

A: Yes. We will conduct several meetings to get feedback from stakeholders.


Q: What if I do not want a tree in front of my home?

A: Our landscape crews will only plant tree species with non-invasive roots. However, if you do not want a tree, it is not required.


Q: Who is responsible for maintenance?

A: As is currently the practice, we hope that residents will agree to provide upkeep after the project is completed. Native plants, trees, and shrubs should require minimal water and care after they have been established.


Q: What if I have more questions?

A: Contact the Department of Public Works—Public Affairs Office (213) 978-0333.  

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