CEQA Threshholds Guide

The City Council took action August 14, 2001 (CF 98-2064) to authorize City departments to use the CEQA Thresholds Guide for administrative guidance in the preparation and review of environmental documentation. Council instructed the EnvironmentLA to make technical revisions and updates to the draft and to provide a process for future updates. Minor modifications have been made to the document, including updated contact and background information.

The L.A. CEQA Thresholds Guide: Your Resource for Preparing CEQA Analyses in Los Angeles (Thresholds Guide) is a guidance document that draws together practical information useful to City staff, project proponents, and the public involved in the environmental review of projects in the City of Los Angeles subject to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The document is a reference guide that provides information that can assist in the preparation and review of environmental impact analyses.

The 2006 Thresholds Guide is a document representing the technical input of City departments and bureaus. This is the result of the City's effort to develop citywide guidance for CEQA impact analyses. The City Council approved a one-year pilot period, beginning in January 1999, to allow City departments and the public to become familiar with the draft Thresholds Guide and provide comments on its content and use. In the summer of 2001 an evaluation was presented to the City Council. The City Council proceeded to finalize the document, and now a final Thresholds Guide has been prepared. Additional public comments are still appreciated.

The Thresholds Guide is more fully described in the Executive Summary.

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