The Ballona Wetlands, located between Marina del Rey and the Westchester bluffs, are the last major wetlands in Los Angeles County. These wetlands once encompassed more than 2,000 acres covering much of today's Venice, Marina del Rey, and parts of West Los Angeles. More than 95% of wetlands in California have been lost to development, so Ballona is a precious natural resource. They provide unique habitat for over 215 species of birds, spawning ground for fish, and vital nutrients for the entire coastal marine environment. Ballona offers resting and feeding grounds for migratory birds and other wildlife. The wetlands also act as a flood plain and cleanse pollutants from stormwater runoff before it reaches Santa Monica Bay.

Working together with the State of California, nonprofit organizations, neighborhood groups, and countless individuals, the City is helping create new wetlands habitat from South Los Angeles to the San Fernando Valley. Key sites include the South Los Angeles Wetlands Park planned near 53rd and Avalon, the Rio de los Angeles State Park at the site of Taylor Yard (a former railroad switching area), and the Tujunga Wash project located in the San Fernando Valley.

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