Energy Saving Tips

Plant a New Tree and Turn Down Your Air Conditioner!

Power plants create more emissions in the summertime due to air conditioner usage.  Consider planting a new tree in your yard to create shade.  Make sure they are planted at least 8 feet from structures and in locations where the sun is strongest!  For more information on where to plant and how to get free trees visit LA DWP.

Turn off your electronic devices when you are not using them.

Here in Los Angeles, electricity contributes to roughly one-third of all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions on a community-wide basis. Turn off your electronic devices like televisions, DVD players, computers, and printers when you are not using them. Even when these devices are on standby they can use up to 40% of their full running power.

Reduce your paper use.

Reduce the amount of paper you use for printing. Send electronic copies of documents to avoid printing many copies. If you must print make sure that you are using recycled-content paper. By reducing paper use, you save trees and energy. It takes energy to process paper and also to make recycled paper.

Turn off your chargers when not in use.

Cell phone chargers, iPods, and digital camera chargers all draw electricity when not in use. When you are not charging these items unplug them from the outlet. A single cell phone charger can use up to 90 pounds of CO2 per year if it is plugged in all the time

Offset your carbon - carefully.

A bit of greenhouse gas guilt can be relieved by purchasing carbon offsets. You may want to shop around, however. Some carbon offsets are oriented around causes that you may not want to support - like methane capture at large or crammed animal farms.


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