Transportation and Emissions Tips

Try Environmentally Friendly Dry Cleaners.
Dry cleaners in the Los Angeles area emit about 850 tons of toxic chemicals a year.  Some dry cleaners now use non-toxic mehtods.  You can visit the Clean Air Congress to find one in your area.

Properly inflate your tires.
Maximize your mileage by making sure your tires are inflated properly.

Consider Public Transportation
Take public transportation.  Public transportation is a great way to reduce traffic congestion, help clean the air, and save you money.  The buses and metrolinks in Los Angeles are already running even if you are not riding them so if you do decide to ride them you will be creating zero added emissions.  Consider taking public transportation to your job, the fair, an amusement park, or even to the beach.  Visit and use the trip planner for your next excursion.

Car Buying Tips
Next time you are in the market for a new car, consider the “green” options in car buying.  Some manufacturers offer hybrid cars that use up to 75% less gas than typical cars.  Or try downsizing from a large car to a smaller one.  The larger or heavier your car the more harmful emissions it will give off and the more gas it will require.  For more information visit the Air Quality Management District's website.

Walk or Bike
Consider alternatives to driving.  If you are making a short trip to the store consider walking or biking.  Walking or biking is great exercise and is better for the environment.  When you walk or bike, you give off no harmful emissions! – so leave your car at home and walk or bike today!

Find out about the Ciclavia Bike Event coming to Los Angeles soon.

Splurge on a non-stop flight.
Next time you're pondering whether it's worth spending a little extra to fly nonstop, consider the following: the average domestic flight uses about 100 gallons of gas per passenger. Fewer take-offs and landings mean less environmental damage.

Plant a tree.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide—a greenhouse gas that contributes to the greenhouse effect and global warming—and give off oxygen in return. Planting one tree may not seem to matter much in the face of global climate change, but small things do matter. In one year, the average tree absorbs roughly 26 pounds of carbon dioxide and returns enough oxygen to supply a family of four.

Plan trips
Reduce your driving time by planning trips in advance.  Try doing all of your errands at the same time in one area of town to eliminate driving to an area several times.  Limit grocery store trips by creating a list before you go.  Patronize local stores to cut down on travel time.

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