Water Saving Tips

Use a broom.
Use a broom to clean driveways and walkways instead of hosing them down.  You will save water and get some exercise at the same time.    

Choose when you water.
Water your yard and outdoor plants in the evening or early in the morning to reduce evaporation.  This will allow the water to penetrate deep into the soil before the sun comes out.  Watering in the middle of the day when the sun is at its peak causes the water to evaporate before it sinks into the soil resulting in more frequent watering. 

Get a low-flow showerhead.
Low-flow showerheads can lower your water usage by up to 30%.  Consider installing a low-flow showerhead today.  You can also install water saving faucet aerators in your bathroom and kitchen.  These devices are available at hardware stores.  Free showerheads and aerators are available at any LADWP customer service center. To find a location near you, click here: Customer Service Centers

Mulch your yard.
Adding mulch to the top later of soil around your plants helps to keep water in the soil which reduces your watering frequency.  Get free mulch through the City.

Wash full loads in energy efficient washers.
Instead of washing small loads of clothes, wait until your loads are full and wash less frequently.  A typical washing machine uses 40 gallons of water per load.  Some more good news is that new energy efficient washers can cut your energy use by as much as 70 percent.  Best of all, studies show that they may actually get clothes cleaner!

Support plants that help support the environment!
Many plants that are properly adjusted to the climate zone they are in will not require lots of water.  Ask your local nursery about plants that are considered drought tolerant or native to save water and save yourself some work at the same time.

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