Permission to Plant and Commitment to Care for a Street Tree

If you are interested in what type of tree may be planted in your parkway, you may look at the list of approved City of Los Angeles street trees at Street Tree Selection Guide.

Please note that palm trees are ineligible for planting through this program.

All sites will be surveyed for eligibility and appropriate tree species selection. Requests are welcome in the comments box below, but they cannot be guaranteed.

* - Indicates Required Field

I,* , give my permission to have a tree planted in front of my house or property in the public parkway between the sidewalk and the street.

I understand that the City of Los Angeles manages municipal street trees and will have to approve the tree species and its exact placement.

I understand that I will need to water and care for the tree during its initial growth period (estimated at 5 years from planting).

I understand that I will need to follow the care guidelines of the “Newly Planted Tree” information sheet that will be provided to me after the tree is planted.

I have read and agree to these terms of the Permission to Plant and Commitment to Care for a Street Tree. *
* Please select air-conditioning type:

Central Air-Conditioning
Wall Unit
Central Air-Conditioning & Wall Unit
N/A (No AC)

If you are a renter, please discuss planting a tree with the property owner/manager before sending in the form.

Questions? Call Amy Schulenberg at (213) 485-0527 or

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